Email Marketing Masterclass

6 Expert Tips To Boost Your Email Performance

It's finally here! I've been running this masterclass to private groups online, and it's been such a hit that I'm finally including it in my online training courses.

Join me for this bite-sized, energised masterclass where I share my six top tips to propel your business's email marketing efforts to new heights.  Discover the secrets to optimising your campaigns as I unravel the art of crafting compelling subject lines, irresistible calls to action, and personalised communication that fosters genuine connections.  

Learn how to ensure precise delivery, and speak more clearly to your desired audience.  

Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your email marketing strategy and drive remarkable results.  

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Upskill in the areas that matter most to you.

Jargon-free, actionable training brought to you by a multi-disciplinary marketer
with over 15 years of cross-industry experience.

Energetic Learning!
I deliver my training with energy, enthusiasm and motivation. No one wants to be lectured for hours on end, so I have a no-nap guarantee. 

Immediately Actionable.
As a marketer and small business owner myself, it is my aim to equip you with tools that you can hit the ground running with straight away. 

Tried & Tested.
I've been successfully delivering online training for over 3 years, and have worked with thousands of students world-wide. I am extremely proud to say that my live courses have a rolling 5 star rating.

Money-back guarantee.
If you are not happy with your purchase, I will immediately refund you without quibble. To date, this has never been requested! 


"This was a brilliant workshop from Tamara, providing really useful information and practical tips in utilising email as a marketing channel. I would definitely recommend this workshop to everyone who wants to get the most out of email as a effective channel for reaching your audience."

Tamara presents in a very clear and concise style, she speaks well to the beginner and didn't bombard us with lingo. Her course content is very well thought out and logical and its nice to have homework to do.
This workshop with Tamara was hugely helpful to me as a small start up business owner. I learned so much in just one session, lots of helpful tips that I can utilise straight away. Tamara has such an enthusiastic and vibrant energy that shines through and makes the space a wonderful fun place of learning and exploring together. I would highly recommend signing up for Tamara's workshops.
Tamara is a total professional delivering up to date, accurate content is a very user friendly manner, the session is clearly outlined at the start. 

Hey there,

I'm Tamara

I am a strategic visual marketer, web & digital designer and trainer. My initial love for teaching came when I qualified as a yoga instructor. I unlocked a love for helping people to discover innate skills and strengths they never knew they had.

This passion has transferred wonderfully to the business community as I am continually delivering top-tier training to people who join my live online classes.
In my day-to-day work as a marketing consultant, I specialise in helping businesses to connect to their core visual identity and execute with intention online, in print, on social etc.
I love to talk web design, brand strategy, social media design and most of all I love working with energetic, ambitious clients who want to see results!